Xushaofa 40+ 3 Star Review

  • Type: Plastic
  • Model: Seamless
  • Size: 40+
  • Quality: 3 Star
Playing Features
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Closest performance to old ball
stable throughout lifetime
Breaks easily
Sometimes mis-shapen
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Xushaofa dont make this ball themselves, all seamless balls are made by a single chinese company and then rebranded.

There are many brands that use this Chinese company to produce their seamless balls and seamless balls have to be made by this single Chinese company due to patent laws in the manufacturing process.

All the plastic seamless balls that are made by this Chinese company include:

  • 729 40+ 3 Star
  • Gewo Ultra SLP 40+ 3 Star
  • Hanno 40+ 3 Star
  • Joola Flash 40+ 3 Star
  • Kingnik 40+ 3 Star
  • Nexy 40+ 3 Star
  • Palio 40+ 3 Star
  • Tibhar SL 40+ 3 Star
  • Xiom 40+ 3 Star
  • Xushaofa 40+ 3 Star
  • Yinhe 40+ 3 Star

This means all seamless balls are identical and play exactly the same. They are the same ball just with a different brands logo and design on them.

Manufacturer’s Description

We are Seamless: our exclusive technology creates balls as a single unit, not fusing two parts together like in old methods. By eliminating seams, we have shaped the most perfect spheres to date and increased eveness in bounce to a level that was previously unattainable

We are consistent: Seams introduce inconsistencies in the surface that affect play. By having no stitching, we have effectively erased flaws and put control back into your hands. Let the ball adapt to you, not the other way round.

We are tougher: Seamless balls have no soft spots when compared to seam balls. We are durable and even allround.


as seamless ball all play identically the Xushaofa 40+ 3 star ball will play exactly like every other ball on the list above. Instead of writing a full review for each ball on the list above (as they will be pretty much the same) I have written a master review for all Seamless balls that can be accessed here.

Seamless 40+ 3 Star Ball Review

Everything I say in the above review applys for all of the balls above. All of the performance stats will be the same for all the balls above apart from the price/performances because Seamless balls are all different prices.


Xushaofa 40+ 3 star ball can be purchased from amazon.co.uk for £10.75


The Seamless ball is our favourite ball to come out of the poly ball era and the Xushaofa 3 star ball is one of them. In my opinion it is the plastic ball that plays closest to the old Cell ball. While all manufacturers probably dont like having to go to the same factory as competitors to get the same ball at least it gives us the players a little bit of consistency with playing characteristics. Plastic balls vary wildly in how they play between models and brands even 5 years after the switch to plastic balls so its nice to know with all seamless balls there is consistency between brands.

One thought on “Xushaofa 40+ 3 Star Review

  • June 16, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Hi. thank you for reviews!
    Xushaofa has 2 types of 3 star balls: red and black. Red retails at double the money of black ones on the review picture. Reds come in a cylinder container.
    Playing with reds ( didn’t try black balls) for over a year 5-6 days a week – one broken, couple squashed. very durable. I bought twice in same shop and the second lot seems to be a little different from first. Sound worse.
    Given Xushaofa red are among top 3, and possibly most expensive domestically made ball in China, there are possibly could be counterfeits. Yet, they are round , strong , jump and get grip as per ittf regs. Quite possible Xushaofa intentionally moving ball feel closer to big brand, to make them more similar to get some tournaments. reading blade reviews with interest, rubbers next, thnx again

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